Propecia vs rogaine

Men with mild to moderate, but not complete, hair loss can expect to benefit from the use of PROPECIA. Whether surgery is due to a medical disorder or a broken bone, hair loss can occur. The mild form of the disease is easier to treat and the most common form of treatment is to have monthly cortisone injections, injected directly into the bare scalp. Now, there are various ways to cure or at least prevent hair lass: herbal remedies, drugs, topical medications, diet, and exercise. Finasteride is extensively used for treating hair loss and is sold in pharmacies as Propecia. At the same time it can be very painful when you apply such products to raw skin areas on your scalp. In women, the relationship of hair loss to DHT is less clear, as less than 40 percent of women with androgenic alopecia actually have elevated androgens. Less common side effects include breast tenderness and enlargement (gynecomastia) and itchy skin rash. Side effects that may occur rarely are Hepatobiliary dysfunction, Serious skin reactions,and anaphylactoid reactions.

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Propecia Vs Rogaine

minoxidil uma vez ao dia funciona
Customer Reviews
by zalat1, 31.01.2016

I do have some sexual side effects, though they always seem to reverse whenever I try stopping the drug for a few days. During a normal hair cycle, the levels of PTGDS increase immediately before a regression phase. Regaine is one such product which is considered a great product to revitalize the hair as it contains minoxidil.

by oxtail, 02.03.2016

Have been eating saw palmetto for over 4 wks and also applying the capsule extract with no results in fact there is an increase in hair loss. The argan oil hair mask from the brand Pro Naturals is pretty awesome for damaged hair if anyone want like product recommendations :).

by maxer333, 24.02.2016

Even more rarely, some men reported sore breasts, depression, an allergic reaction such as a rash, itching, hives or swelling, sore or painful testicles, difficulty getting an erection even after stopping the medication, male infertility and low quality of semen, and in extremely rare cases, male breast cancer. Although Rogaine does not give you back hair that you have already lost, it prolongs the growth cycle of the hair you still have and makes your hair appear thicker because you shed less of it.

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